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Before starting any type of course, we ask you to take a language level test to help us to assess your general language competency and place you at the right level, on the appropriate course. Please note that this test (and the trial lesson) is entirely free of charge and you are not at all obliged to officially enrol on any of our courses

We offer the fullest range possible of courses from beginners to advanced, on a group (3 to 8 participants) and individual basis. Some people are set on going for a particular examination, for personal and/or professional reasons (please see Examinations and Certificates page) and others are more interested in getting started or getting further into the language without needing a certidficate of any kind. 

Knowing that our students need to familiarise themselves as much as possible with the incredibly wide range of accents and the different varieties of English out there, we have an international team of fully qualified teachers from the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland), the United States, Canada and Australia.

NON-EXAMINATION COURSES are about learning General English – from beginners (A1)  to intermediate to upper-advanced level (C2). Starting from zero, arriving at a level where you can really begin to communicate effectively, up to a level where you will become practically proficient.

EXAMINATION-ORIENTED COURSES are, for a large number of people, about reaching a level where they feel capable of going for a particular certificate, recognised as proof of their language skills by so many companies, in so many sectors of industry and international business. You'll find all the necessary details under "Examinations & Certificates". 

COURSE SCHEDULE & TIMES : The course schedules vary according to the classes which usually take place Monday to Friday from 18h30 onwards. The duration of each class is adapted to the level and varies from 1h30 to 2h00.  

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.