Welcome to
The Balkan School of Languages

The Balkan School of Languages came into being in the early 70s, set up by a lady called Lotte Balkan, a devotee of the English language. Taken over by her son Gregory until the late 90s, the school started to steadily expand, gaining recognition and establishing itself as a highly reputable ESOL centre in and around the canton of Neuchâtel. 

Today, under new management, we provide a comprehensive and extensive range of English courses and other languages at all levels, in-company and in-school, for adults & young learners alike. The variety of course options open to you reflects our adaptability and the versatility of our international team of qualified and experienced language trainers.

Conveniently situated in the centre of Neuchâtel, just a short walk from the lake, our school offers a warm, friendly and lively learning environment. Our team is here to help you to enjoy learning this language and to effectively reach your personal and/or professional goals.

Incidentally, just for your information, the name "Balkan" has no connection with The Balkans region. The school simply owes its name to the two people who set it up and got it running in the beginning.